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Foster children in the Detroit metropolitan area are benefitting from the For The Seventh Generation program that matches contributors with the individual needs of children and teens in state care.

 Foster kids in Detroit are helped by your donation
Yes!  I would like to help a foster child or foster teen in need.


Thanks To Our Donors


The For the Seventh Generation Golden Circle donors support the work of
the program through accumulated financial donations or in-kind fundraising
services to the program over $1,000. Through this generosity, FTSG is able
to provide needed goods, services and support to wards of the court and their
families in Metropolitan Detroit.

Acknowledging For the Seventh Generation Golden Circle Donors
from the program’s inception through August 1, 2008:

$10,000 – $25,000
Mitsie and Albert Scaglione – Park West Gallery®
The Seed Foundation

$5,000 – 9,999
Next Generation Services Group

$1,000 – 4,499
PVS Chemicals, Inc.






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