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Foster children in the Detroit metropolitan area are benefitting from the For The Seventh Generation program that matches contributors with the individual needs of children and teens in state care.
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 Foster kids in Detroit are helped by your donation
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Jasmine's New SmileHelping Foster Children Thrive – Success Stories

“For The Seventh Generation gave me the best gift I ever received.”

When people give of their time and/or treasure to help foster children the impact of those
gifts go well beyond the individual child – our support affects these children, and their
children, down through the seventh generation.

But that's not all. By making it possible for foster children to thrive we are also making a
direct, positive impact on our entire community today.

Through For The Seventh Generation, Wayne County foster children have received
necessary dental care that has improved not just their health, but their self-esteem.
They have realized creative dreams, and even been able to take the trip of a lifetime.

Here at For The Seventh Generation we are grateful to you for your commitment to our
foster children whether you donate a service or product, make a monetary donation,
attend our annual In Seventh Heaven event, or otherwise support our program.

Here are just a few of the success stories that your support has made possible:

We've already told you about Jasmine, one of the first foster children to be matched with an orthodontist during the birth of For The Seventh Generation. Since then, our program has made other successful foster child/dental care matches that have resulted in huge differences in children's lives.

Children like Ronald, who now participates in school activities and sports after being matched with two dentists who helped correct his serious dental problems. Thanks to their help, Ronald's outlook on life has changed and his new, positive self-image, along with the help he's receiving in foster care, are helping him overcome an early childhood filled with chaos.

Then there was Rikki, a who became a foster child after being abandoned and who was born with two rows of upper teeth. After receiving free dental services through For The Seventh Generation and with the help of foster care, Rikki is now a confident young college woman and getting on with her life.

Marquis has dreamed of being a comic book artist for a long time. When he was sixteen, For The Seventh Generation helped him take a big step forward in realizing his dream when we connected Marquis with a comic professional who was able to take Marquis' hand-drawn work and turn it into a masterfully-produced comic book.

Today Marquis is a successful young adult who has graduated from high school and is waiting for an open spot at a trade school for artists like himself. He is also working on this third comic book and is using the copies of his other books to approach comics stores in the hope of generating sales.

Marquis said that working with For The Seventh Generation and holding the final product in his hands ...was a very inspiring experience for me it was like my dream was actually coming true.

John's* foster mother faced a big dilemma when she came to For The Seventh Generation on behalf of her foster son in November 2011. Mary* had the chance to travel to Florida to visit her children and grandchildren for Christmas for the first time in five years but she couldn't afford to take John with her.

Helping John travel to Florida with his foster mother wasn't just a matter of providing him with a vacation. It was also a way to prevent him from having to be moved to another foster home while Mary visited her family. John, who had already been moved through six placements, had been making rapid progress in his grades and social skills under Mary's care the last thing he needed was another disruption.

Thanks to For The Seventh Generation donors, John made that Christmas trip with his foster mother the first plane trip of his life and was able to visit Universal Studios.

I thought I would never do the things I did like go to Universal Studios and just go to Florida, John said in his Thank You letter to us after his trip. I thank [For The Seventh Generation] for giving me the money to go to Florida that was the best vacation I ever had. For The Seventh Generation gave me the best gift I ever received.

What Does It Take To Change a Foster Child's
Life for the Better?

One Service – One Child – One Year.

The above success stories are just a small sample of the good that For The Seventh
Generation has been able to do for Wayne County's foster children thanks to the
support of people just like you.

If you haven't volunteered or contributed to FTSG yet – or even if you have –
wouldn't you like to become the force behind yet another foster child's success story?

Sign up to donate a service or product here. Make a monetary contribution here.

When you given support For The Seventh Generation you help a foster child thrive.
Donate or volunteer today and your gift will affect our entire community – down
through the seventh generation.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of foster children who are still minors.

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