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Foster children in the Detroit metropolitan area are benefitting from the For The Seventh Generation program that matches contributors with the individual needs of children and teens in state care.



 Foster kids in Detroit are helped by your donation
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Making the difference between surviving and thriving...
                  our mission

Everyone has one gift to share to help a child. Your gift will make a difference today, tomorrow, and through the seventh generation.

For The Seventh Generation supports foster children by matching donated services and goods with the children who need them. We give individuals and organizations the opportunity and structure that allows them to make a huge difference in the lives of foster children, one child at a time.

Children in foster care have special needs. We know from experience that there are many individuals and organizations who sincerely want to help them. Our mission is to bring these organizations and individuals together with children who need support in a clear, efficient, and continuing manner.

For more about how For The Seventh Generation works to support children in foster care in Metropolitan Detroit click here. If you're ready to commit to supporting a child, click here to get started.

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